One step + One action = Actionation

It all starts with an idea, an influence, or an opportunity that leads you to your first steps.

I have always been the kind of person with a great idea but never take action. I’m a person with many hobbies, but not very good in any of them. I’m a procrastinator, a philosopher, and a father.

Like most blogs, my first post would talk about the reasons for creating this page that is stored in the vast space of the inter web, and what to expect from this blog. I have always wanted to create a game, an animation movie, a chair, and even a ceramic vase, but never went through with it. But this blog would be my stepping stone for my creations and journey. And this journey starts with a goal. The goal is creating my first multi-platform mobile game.

The idea started in early 2009 with a book I partially read and still have and will eventually complete reading :). the book is called “The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses” by Jesse Schell (great book by the way). As well as a lot of programming books. Things never went through due to collage, but now it’s different! With the help of the Unity game engine, I will start my game development journey to it’s completion!

With one step, and one action, Actionation is born….

Note: I know. I know. “Actionation” does not exist in the English dictionary.